How to set view from Fp_character to cutscene (sequencer) in the begining and in the end of level?

Well, i seem to stuck with this for a while and don’t know what to do here.

A little about situation itself - i created a level in which i need to play begining sequence (cutscene), then switch to my Fp_character to play my game normally and then when i step up in some trigger enter second cutscene (ending cutscene).

The problem is that when i put trigger and step up in it - then it plays sequence, but doesn’t change the camera. This thing is bored me out already.

I found kinda solution here:
but this post is old now and i have tried method described there, but it doesn’t changed anything for me.

I’m using 4.17 and i really need to understand what i’m missing.

Actually, i don’t get in where they found “Set PlayerCharacter” node and where i must setup this net of nodes. In FirstPerson_bp or in level blueprint? Question is the same - where and how?

Did you make a camera Group in the cutscene? You have to set a Cinema camera and animate this. Then you Need the camera track. If you have all set up right, it should work.

But have a look here:

Yeah! It worked! Thanks!)