How to set UV tiled sprite's anchor point

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I hope i can explain myself,

Could I somehow change starting point for UV flipbook sprites to no be right in center of frame, but for example bottom center?

So for example:



This is so for certain animated sprites like flame mushrooms, i will be able to use more of alpha space of texture, resulting in a cheaper animated sprite to spawn.

Maybe this can be done material side?

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In Sprite Editor, there is a Pivot Mode option in Details panel. This lets you change pivot location relative to sprite. Change this from ‘Center Center’ to ‘Bottom Center’ for each sprite in your flipbook, and you should get what you’re looking for. Hope that helps!

Thanks man! I,m just not sure what you mean by ‘sprite editor’? you mean texture editor? i mean menu you get when you import a flipbook sprite?

Thanks man!

A Flipbook is comprised of Sprites, which are created from Textures. When you create a Sprite from a Texture, you can open it up in Sprite Editor. It will look like this:

In Details panel of Sprite Editor, you can see Pivot Mode drop-down, in this screenshot set to Center Center.

Let me know if you have any trouble finding it.

Hmmm weird I’ve never worked with this :/.

What I usually do is compose my flipbooks with other software like Picture Merge Genius and then I tweak them in photoshop into tga flibooks with alpha’s. Then I import them into a texture from editor. Usually I have a textures folder in my Particles folder, where I keep all my flipbooks that I managed to import into engine, and ready to be applied into a material so I can use it in Cascade particle editor.

So I wouldnt know how to work with each individual frames like you seem to do.

Must I rather compose my flipbooks with this sprite editor? Does this entail grabbing all my say 64 bmp frames and crafting flipbook within editor?

Such a noob at this :frowning:

Thanks for your help though man!

Hm, I’m not actually sure, I haven’t used any Flipbook created way you described. Would you feel comfortable creating one way you normally do and /attaching it here? I can take a look and see if there’s another way to do this. Thanks!

This for example is a bmp i wanna use, 8x8 animated sprite for effects, but clearly i wanna make it start at bottom center so then ill be able to fill more of alpha space and make texture less hard to render:link text

I’m still not really sure what you’re doing with this .bmp to create a flipbook externally. You can create Sprites from a texture using Extract Sprites, and then turn those into a flipbook in editor. general process is described here:

At any rate, if you have a Sprite Flipbook asset, you can open that up and it will display Key Frames on right in Details panel. Each element represents a Sprite that together make up Flipbook. If you click magnifying glass icon beside listed Sprite, it will show you where it is in your Content Browser. From there, you can select all Sprites from Flipbook, right click, and select Asset Actions > Property Matrix. In Property Matrix, expand Sprite section and change Pivot Mode to Bottom Center.

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Although with this method it seems that it takes way longer to craft texture sheets since you have you set each frame to be bottom center :frowning: and also, it messes up texture’s alphas big time.

I spend quite a bit of time setting perfect alphas in Photoshop for my dust textures to have realistic dust looking borders, yet when i export them as sprites it breaks all of this and adds a very brute and basic alpha bordering :(.

I wonder if there is another way of doing this, you can see what i mean if you export all sprites from texture I sent you as example.

I think it may be more common to import a JSON file created in an external program, which would give you more control. In case of this particular bmp file, when I Extract Sprites, it gives me well over 100, because it identifies sprites by transparency. Something like Texture Packer could help with that ), and I think Adobe Flash can do it as well if you’re more comfortable with that.

Once you have all Sprites from your JSON or however you get them, you can select all of Sprites at once and move Pivot Mode, using Property Matrix as described above.

Alpha problems you’re having is a separate issue, and it would be best if you created a new post for that so I can get one of our texture/material guys to look into it.

Thanks man

I imported an already crafted flipbook in bmp with delicate alphas, can either extract as single flipbook and also extract all frames as sprites. Yet either way i get alpha appearance affected decreasing its quality.

Here i created a separate post: Flipbook editor decreases sprite's alpha quality - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

I appreciate you help man