How to set up up static meshes?

Hi guys, we struggle to set up a created mesh from Blender. We are not into Blueprinting, so is there an easier way to avoid the material scaling? In case not, could you explain it for a real beginner.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Noiling,

Take a look at this post. Dieselhead and Tim give a great explanation of material scaling and they also link to one of our Docs that explains how to implement scaling in Blueprints. It’s actually not to difficult, you just make the examples it shows node for node.

Blueprints seem daunting at first but with a little practice you will catch on. Feel free to take a look at our Wiki, we have tons of written tutorials and videos on how to get started in Blueprints.

I hope that helps, if you have anymore questions please ask.

Thanks, TJ