How to set up trigger side detection?

Hey everyone! I am wondering if it is possible to make a box trigger and then in blueprint have a system that detects which side the player enters the trigger from so that you can trigger 2 different events with one trigger volume depending on if the player enters it from the left side or right side. I want to put a trigger at teh entrance of a building and have it trigger different music to play when you enter the building and then when you exit the building you hit the trigger from the opposite side and have it switch back to teh original music. I know I can do this with a trigger end overlap, but the building is a very unusual shape, using a box trigger for the whole volume of the building would be tricky. Plus there are other things I can do with trigger volume side detection, the music is just 1 example. If anyone has any experience setting up trigger side detection, if they could share it it would be most appreciated.