how to set up speed

i want to set up speed for walking and running
i have set up action maping in project setting
but how to appeal to this function

i need entering in running mode by pressing R, and back to walking by pressing it second time

i am in top down mode

Here is how it works: ?v=6rTx2MH-7qA (you can do it without the timeline) :slight_smile:

it does not work for me, i did it even drop for drop identicaly like in the tut but it does not even catch the pressed key whyyyy

Either disable “block input” in your player controller or do the running part in your player controller:

  1. ok thx, now how can i make running by pressing key R and still runing while released key, until i click it again

if (R=pressed())
will branch stands as IF category ?

maybe like that if speed == 300 then pressed key make it to the 600 if speed is 600 then change it to the 300

ok i have done it, like that