How to set up Spawn system?

Hello, I want to set up that Ai spawn every 3 mins. Every wave the AI is stronger so basically it’s adding a little bit of health. Also I don’t need trigger box it just needs to randomly spawns across area. Thanks.

Pseudo code as the whole thing is probably beyond the scope of AH:

Plenty of tuts on YT to spawn things in waves.

Very helpful! Also how can I manage the time so AI spawns for 2min then 1min pause, then again 2min and 1min pause and so on?

AI spawns for 2min then

This is unclear. You want to distribute the current spawn wave over a duration of 2 minutes so the enemies do not spawn all at once? And then wait for a minute?

AI spawns for 2min then 1min pause

Otherwise spawning something every 2 mins and inserting a 1min pause does nothing. You might as well spawn every 3 mins.

Hello, I want to set up that Ai spawn
every 3 mins

All right, so it’s not every 3 mins. It’s a duration over which the enemies spawn and then we pause. Rinse & repeat.

  • decide how many enemies you want in a wave
  • divide the wave duration by that number, getting N
  • set that duration as Time in the timer - its event will fire and spawn every N seconds
  • count spawned enemies
  • once you’ve reached the amount you originally wanted, pause (or invalidate) the timer (that’s what the handle is for)
  • count a minute (delay, tick, or another time)
  • restart the whole thing from the top with new values

Well basically I need Ai to spawn during those 2 min and after that it will not spawn for 1 min. 1 min pause is where you build in the game to protect yourself for the next wave. Hope you understand. However if you have simpler solution I would like to hear it.

Hmm I get what you saying. Forgive me I just started using UE. I stopped here, something is missing I’m not sure what but they keep spawning.

No need to loop if we’re making them one by one. And you’d need to check how many there are after each spawn.

See if you can get this working:

And you can select and copy / paste nodes from here to the graph (may need to clean it up a bit)

If it makes it any easier.

It works. Thanks again!

Phew… good because I did not test this at all.