How to set up Skyrim Camera change system?

Alright so I’ve been experimenting with changing the POV of the player from third person to first person. Recently I’ve made a change and am going to a type of Skyrim POV change where if you scroll in it changes into first person, and if you scroll out you leave first person and go back into third person. I already have it set up in Blueprint to where the player can scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the character model via the camera boom with the mouse wheel. How would I complete this type of POV change system?

Add one more camera without boom, which will be the FPS cam, and activate that one when you scroll in the max. amount. Then activate the boom cam when you start to scroll out.

How would I have that other camera activate when I scroll in the max and the other activate when I scroll out of max? Like how would I set that up in Blueprint?

I’m assuming you are decreasing the boom length as you scroll out? Compare the bool length with 5(<= float)or whatever value you want the minimum length to be, and then use that bool for a branch after scroll out input event. When the value gets equal or smaller than 5, it will activate the camera. Something like this:

That’s working for zooming in and changing but how could I have it zoom out and change the cameras again. Also, how to I attach the camera to the character model so when you turn 180 it doesn’t show the model.

You need to check if the length of the boom is below the min. value. If it is, activate boom cam. and disable fps cam. In order to prevent free fps camera movement you’ll need to enable/disable Use Controller Rotation Yaw between camera switches. Here is the full BP:

Thanks! It’s all working except for a way to leave FPS and to go back into third person view. How would this be done?

The graph i showed already does that when you start to scroll out. If you want to do that with a single button input then;

Input Event > Deactivate FPS cam > Activate boom cam > Set boom length > Disable use controller rotation yaw.

Ha, I didn’t notice the camera switch on the Mouse Wheel Down