How to set up scenes

I’m just starting so this may be obvious. But does anyone know any videos or sites that give best practices for administering multiple scenes in the same realtime rendering video project? Usually I have a number of cameras for each set. How should the sets be set up? How should the assets be distributed. Should I save rigged characters, backgrounds, cameras and lights in different saves and then merge them if they’re already placed in the set? Stuff like that. I’m just starting Unreal (obviously) and to me this is the foundation. I’d like to know how to manage a video production best as context for everything else. Thanks in advance and look forward to any links and advice.


We don’t have a specific course on the Unreal Online Learning portal that answers that specific question, but we do have a variety of Film and TV courses that you could check out.

Specifically, Independent Filmmaking with Unreal Engine might have some answers you’re looking for.

For everything else, I would suggest the Sequencer subforum for this question.


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