How to set up On Rail Shooter mixed with RPG elements?

I’m not a programmer only a 2d/3D artist. I’m looking for a template that lays out a on rail shooter in the likes of Panzer Dragoon or Star Fox 64. Also, how would I incorporate the aiming system? Also, would like to integrate 3rd person on foot levels between flying (on rails) levels where the character would explore towns/hubs to upgrade stats.

In a nutshell I’m looking for:

How to tutorials / templates for on rail shooter
How to tutorials/ templates for RPG character stat/upgrade system
How to tutorial/template for 3rd person mode/ fixed camera angles/ and NPCS

Is it possible to do all this in Blueprints alone?

Last question first - Yes, you can do all of this in Blueprints.
(and I have been for a while now. I haven’t written a line of actual code in weeks - for game purposes)

It won’t be as simple as finding a tutorial on each of the main aspects of the game and linking them together, but don’t be discouraged.

I don’t have an “Answer” here - but I can offer advice.
Start with the UI tutorial, not the Game Tutorials.

If you’re constantly stopping to ask yourself how you move the screen/rotate it - which key switches to Scaling or Rotating an object, you are wasting time and getting frustrated when you don’t need to be.

Learn to use W, E and R, learn that holding Shift while dragging an object ‘Follows’ it in the scene, learn that holding Alt while doing so makes a copy of the object…

These things will save you a ton of time and effort later.


Then start on what looks like the simplest tutorial on the video tutorials section.
Don’t worry about how much you ‘learn’ from it, just follow it and move on.

After a few tutorials you’ll realize you’re doing things before they tell you to.
You’re understanding what the components you’re adding actually do, and why you’re using them.

A few more and you start to wonder ’ wouldn’t it be better to do it this way? ’ and testing your alternatives.

The Starting Point

Basic Blueprints

BP Shorts

These series will get you started and give you enough of a foundation to grasp some of what is being covered in the more involved “game” tutorials.