How to set up multiple players for one vehicle?

I’d like to have a vehicle Pawn that requires mulriple players - drivee, gunner, navigator, etc.
It seems only one Controller can possess a Pawn at a time.
How should I set up the multiple players? Multiple invisible Pawns that attach to the main vehicle?
Or player controllers that don’t possess, but instead just send commands?
Or something else?
Can I actually “slave”/attach one pawn to another?

Just attach players to their designated areas, and have the driver possess the vehicle. Once the players are attached, let them control certain blueprints that are attached to the vehicle (such as a minigun).

The players don’t have individual meshes – you only see the vehicle as a whole from the outside.
I understand the players can control the various blueprints that have various effects – that’s, in fact, what my stated goal is :slight_smile:

What I’m asking about is the recommended structure / interaction of components / classes to make this happen.
I gave two examples: Use invisible attached pawns, or use player controllers without pawns but sending events to the vechicle.
Which of those is more recommended, and why? Or is there another option I’m not seeing?

My bad. I personally would go with the player controllers without pawns, but I guess it really depends on if you plan on having something else that might benefit from using attached pawns (letting players get out of vehicles, etc…)

The “vehicle” is a spaceship, so getting out would make it hard to breathe :slight_smile:
Thanks – a controller without a pawn is something I can do, assuming that’ll work alright.