How to set up full body health system?.

Can someone give me advice how to set up a health system with each body part having its own health. I have set it up so far that it takes less damage if shot in arms, leg and more for head, chest and stomach. I used the projectile and physical materials to do that. My coding skills are really bad so I’m stumped how to do this.

Any tips would be great or a screenshot if you have made this system before would be even better!.

Hey there,

The simplest thing you can do is just having a health variable for each part of the body and modify each of them accordingly when such part gets hit. Let me know if that works for you!


Thanks david, This is what I got. Now it takes health off me but my health bars are not changing for each limp. My still character dies. I have set up a strut With a variable for each limb.

This Is my Projectile