How to set up for 2D strategy game.

Hello Everyone!

I am interested in creating a sprite based 2D SRPG in the vein of Shining Force, I have all of the actual materials I need, and have went through bluepoint tutorials but I am kind of overwhelmed at where to start.

I was looking at the tappy chicken program to find how how it handles 2D architecture, but it was fairly confusing. Luckily my game wont have any physics to worry about so I’m hoping that makes the prospect of doing 2D easier.

If anyone can point me towards an example, some documentation, or the right direction to start working in, I’ll be all set! And would very much appreciate it!

Looking forward to getting my hands/brain dirty with unreal4, have been drooling over the tutorials for the past 3 days.

Paper2D is almost certainly the right place to start for a true 2D game. It’s still categorized as “experimental”, and from what I can tell it’s definitely not feature complete, but it does have code for parsing Adobe Flash style texture atlases, making sprites, etc. You’ll probably either want to contribute code to Paper2D itself, or borrow large chunks of it to make your own system. Or just wait until Epic or someone else does that.

Personally, I decided to just make a 3D game with a 2D style, very much like Card Hunter. That honestly seems like the simplest solution for now.

but. lets say, if i were to do it in 3D, could i still just grab sprites from rpg maker (they are open source, I think) and if it could be top down, kind of like Xcom, that could work too, would that be more feasible?