How to set up expanding material with custom panning and tiling?

So I have a waterfall material set up with normal maps which are connected with a custom panning function (Panner_XY_Scalable):

This is connected from a tiling function (Texture_Tiling):

The entire node connection in the material editor looks like this:

I used a copy of the Lake_Water_01 Material from the Water Planes package to make this and I’m confused on how I can work the scaling water size in with how I have my material set up. I have my panning function in the coordinate input for the Motion_4WayChaos_Normal and not the Absolute World Position as it distorts the material when I rotate it. If needed I can upload the assets.

I am not very sure but I think you need to change the “X/Y-axis Tiling Method” to a Clamp instead Wrap inside the texture editor (in your case, the normal map texture).

I was able to solve my problem by dividing the output of my panning function with a scaling parameter for water scale and putting that into the coordinate input for Motion_4WayChaos_Normal.