How to Set Up Cutomized Character and Party Characters

So this might be a bit long winded questions so you can send some tutorials as well to help. Attach below are crude examples of what I’m looking to set up at first in my game. I want to be able to create a character name, change textures on body, change model, change/reveal like attach point models like maybe tails or ears, make the character attached to a class, and be able to select three traits from a list, (highlighted when selected like 0 of 3 selected but not max. This is just for creation). Once the player starts a base, then I want to add this character to a list of other characters that will be with you at base.

I’m wanting to be able to make each member or characters in the game have the exact same customization settings but randomized. How do you create a list of Base Characters? or Who is at Base but each character follows the same setup?

Then I want to be able to select a max of 3 party members to join your party. So deleting from the Base Character List and add to a Party List.

I want all characters, AI, to follow the customization settings. So Class, traits, textures changes, ect.

What is the best way to set this up? Tutorials would be helpful and you can tell me how you would approach it. Any help will be appreciated and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

I hope the samples I provided help out.