How to set up collisions for one actor inside of another actor?

Hello, I am trying to make a googly eye, and am having trouble setting up the black disc to have physics based collisions inside of the clear dome. Currently the black disc does not stay inside of the dome, it just pops out. Any help would be appreciated on how to have an object inside of another object, and for it to be affected by physics in the environment.

This should not rely on collision. Physic Constraints would deliver here:

  • the eye is made of two X squashed spheres:

The Iris is simulating physics (must have collision but chooses to ignore it) and is constrained with the Eye. The constraint between them holds it together:

  • The Eye & Iris is 100uus, the Iris scale is 0.5 so the Linear Limit must equal radius = 25.

Effect exaggerated for comedic value but not that funny anyway :expressionless:

You can play with physics dampening on the Iris to achieve a more interesting effect.