How to set up Classic Strafe Walking from AnimSet Pro

Hello I am deving for the Oculus rift and recently picked up AnimSet pro and using the rift template but I am having trouble with setting up the strafe blend space. It is a two D blend space with the X axis set as walkright and Y axis set as walkforward. When using the speed variable plugged into the Y axis for the anim graph, I can walk forward but cant get the backwards animation working. How do I go about getting -1 information when the S key is pressed. Same thing for direction(walk right) which I cant get to work at all. Hope someone can help me out, thanks in advance!

This won’t answer your question, which is why I am commenting this instead, but I think you would have a much easier time using Mixamo and Fuse (preview). Try updating your UE to 4.12 and check it out.