How to set up chat commands for chat box?

hi i’m a new developer and i’m trying to set up a multi chat for my game. if anyone knows on how to do it. please let me know on how to do it.

I’m working a solution for you and will upload a video when I’m done.

i have chat box for public chatting setup. i’m trying to setup private and a clan chat. also thank you for replay.

the only thing i need help with is the private messaging and clan chat.

Sorry I’ve been recording a video for you. I’m uploading the video now, it’s about 2 hours in length and I’m uploading it to Youtube as I write this.

Basically what you need to do is create a concept of “chat channels” in your game and you can do this through the use of Structs. When you click on different channel buttons in the chat box it will grab the messages for that chat channel and display them in the chat box. A “Channel” struct will contain an identifier to identify the channel – in my video I used an Enum, but to support Guilds/PMs you can use a string – and the Channel struct will contain an array of messages.

However, although my video covers how to build a chat system with the concept of “chat channels” I don’t go into detail on how to accomplish a private messaging system or “guild” chat system. I’d need a lot more time to do that and it depends on how you have your Guild system is setup.

I can make another video that explains how to accomplish these things, but I currently don’t have a project with a Guild/Clan system pre-built, same goes for private chat. If you watch my video I’m confident that it will put you on the right path and you will easily achieve a solution once you see how it can be structured.

thank you for your help. what is your youtube name?

alright thanks. i subbed to your channel as well. thank you for all the help

Thanks for the support! I decided today to remake the video and do a series of videos that show how to build a multiplayer chat channel system and PM system.

Did you already come up with a solution to your problem?

no i didn’t. i’m trying to get private messaging and clan chat set up but nothing works. if you do a video on that. it will be awesome. thank you for helping me. it means alot and is there some way i can add like a / to private and clan chat. i’m trying to do custom commands for my chat box. again thank you for the help and let me know when you get to the part of pm system and clan chat system.

hey man. thanks for all the help.

Not a problem. I decided to do an entire series on a multi-player chat box because I will end up using it for my game. Have you been following my Playlist on YouTube? Also, have you figured out how to do chat commands in your own or are you still stuck?

I published episode 3 this week, episodes 1,2 and 3 replace my initial 2.5 hour video that I screwed up on.

Episode 4 will clean up/simplify the code design and implement Local/Trade chat. Episode 5 will probably be about slash commands, like “/local Hey people in local chat”.

I’m really not trying to be rude or anything man. I needed help on a chatbox that has private chat and clan chat and that had commands for the chat box… i already have public chat setup. i watch your videos and you just show local and trade chat setup. i don’t know if your getting to private and clan chat. so please don’t take it like i’m being rude because i’m not man. i’m really grateful. i just really need private chat and clan chat set up with commands on them. my main question is are you getting to private chat and clan chat with commands in your chat box series?

Sorry I just saw this, must not have seen the email notification.

I have a video uploading and processing on Youtube right now that will show how to setup chat commands for the chat box so the user can type in “/trade my trade message” or “/global my global message” or “/local my local message”.

My next videos will be on private and clan chat.

I understand your question was back from Dec 21, but I’m doing my best to fit these tutorials around holidays and work and my own game project. Plus, while you might have most of the UI built out in your project I don’t have any of the UI built so you may be a few steps ahead of me right now :).