How to set up C++ with pre-existing project?

Two super basic, but related questions:

  1. When you’re creating a new project, and given the choice between C++ and Blueprints, what is actually the difference in how the project is set up?
  2. How would I start messing with C++ in a project that was not initially set up to use C++?

I’m pretty new to all this and getting what I can from tutorials, but for e.g. I was doing a tutorial on particle effects just now, and I wanted to start using that project with visual studio. I know in the file menu you can create new classes or projects for Visual Studio, but basically it didn’t work, and I know nothing whatsoever that is helping me get any closer to the dream. Like, I dunno how all this works, so trouble shooting is a nightmare. If there are specific tutorials you think I should check out, they’d be great. :slight_smile:


You add code like you tried. So what trouble did you have exactly? Any errors?

I would try to do the following:

  1. Create new basic-code C++ project.
  2. Copy Content and Configs to new project with replace.

donno if it work.

Personally, when I start a new project, I start with a blank blueprint project even though I do c++ for the simple reason that that is truly blank :slight_smile: When you choose the blank or base c++ one it actually has a very small amount of stuff in there, and like I said a blank blueprint has nothing. :slight_smile: