How to set up autoreport system

I want to use autoreport system in ue4.
But, I can’t find document about autoreport system.
Let me know document about setting up autoreport system.

thank you.

Hi dev youngmuk,

Could you elaborate a bit? Are you talking about the crash reporter system that sends info to Epic when a user crashes?

yes, I am talking about the crash reporting system… I want to know about how to set up the crash reporting system in my intranet!!

If you just need to get the crash reporter system working, you need to make sure that you enabled “Editor symbols for debugging” when you installed the engine version.

You can change this after the fact by selecting the arrow dropdown beside the Launch button > Options > Then enable “Editor symbols for debugging”.

If I’m misunderstanding when you need, please let me know.



thank you for your answer.
but, I want to know that how to setting up auto reporting system in server.
I know that there is the “AutoReporter” in Engine\Source\Programs\CrashReport.
“AutoReportWebService” is for sever. how to setting up this ??

ps : I’m sorry that I can’t speak well.


Sorry for the delay. I’m still looking into this and hope to have more info soon.

The Autoreport feature is basically depreciated at this point. Some of the best info we have out there is in this post.