How to set up animations for a fighting character

I have a 2D fighter that I want to do the following things:

  • Jump
  • Attack forward/ back/ up/ down
  • Run/ crouch

I already to know/ have animated animations for each movement I want:

  • Jump start/ Jumping up animation/ Falling animation
  • Punch forward/ back/ up/ down animation
  • Running animation/ Crouch/ uncrouch animation

What do I need to do to combine this all?
Is it an animation blueprint? If so, how?

I’ve already looked at tutorials but they only teach how to use a blendpsace/ combine running with punching.

For me, the character is only going to do one animation at a time, and just needs to know when to run. (IE play this animation when button A is pressed or another animation for button B).

How do I do this?

Just use PlayAnimation on your mesh. there will be no animation blending this way.
otherwise you need to store animation state etc for transitions

One problem, the animations WILL look jerky as you go from one to the next., if you dont use a smooth transition.

Is it that noticable though?

I’m aiming for my animation to have a super smashbros meleeIsh type of animation going. I’m pretty it doesn’t have any blending.

If I just do play animation it’ll work? What if I want to have collision with the fighter’s fist while it’s moving, - there would still be no need for an animationBP, right?

In my opinion it is noticable and it doesn’t look good. But that is only my opinion :slight_smile: The fists should have collisions on them so you sould be able to interact with other physic objects.

noticeable as in going from a falling pose instantly to a punch pose or jump/block etc.

if you are relying on your fists physics for impacts, blending is the way to go…
Imagine the force applied if your fist can travel 2 meters instantly. you will get applied force glitches if that is how you choose to do it, if its just collision however and HP reductions, go for it.

i guess that could be viewed two ways - the easy way, or a “style” choice.
hide the cuts with special effects, like wind sprite/particles if its a style choice.

But its not that i have just “punching” animation ir kicking animation. Which ill blend together while thr characterbis moving. Its more thati have a full animation with a firward punch with the whole body or a backwards aerial attack with the whole body. Etc. id like to rely on fists when the fighter is doing a forward attack. But feet when backeards. But fists when in the aur punching backwards. But feet when hes diing a flip attack etc. something similar to super smash bros.