How to set up Android and IOs for shipping?

I am lost when it comes down to packaging or Android and IOS. Where do I start? I followed the quick start docs, but I still can’t package. Thanks for any help.

Packing your game to android, its something that you dont just think about it at the end of your project , you have to keep in mind that the development process is meant for android or iOS , you cant develop your game normally and at the end you just push Build my game to android and you expect everything to run smoothly or even build correctly .

You didnt provide much information about your project or what you have done exactly or whats your troubles or errors you receive . its better giving more detail .

and btw, its big issue , once I’m home I will write more summary for that, but I dont think it would be much better than epic’s documentation since it talk more in details

I didn’t have errors. My game is of mobile quality and requirements. I just didn’t know what info to fill out or to do to package. Nothing that had much to do with Unreal until locating what I had to install. The info about what “All” is required to install isn’t widely available to find and how your supposed to connect Unreal to your new downloads aren’t the easiest to find either. I’m pretty sure the name or concept of my game has nothing at all to do with what I had to do to package a mobile game. (Just size and certain functions). Btw, I tried using the Unreal doc info, but it didn’t explain, you can’t do anything if you didn’t install other software. It literal says test on your phone and “tadah” it is ready for packaging. lol There are several other steps to take before doing any of that. Thanks anyways I guess, I already found a tut that worked and I am now able to publish.