How to set up and package DLC for Android projects?

I am wondering how to properly setup your Android project so that it’s easily expandable via DLCs, how to build and package DLCs for it and how to properly distribute DLCs (via Oculus Home or Play Store) so that user has smooth experience installing them ?

Thanks beforehand

Instructions how to create DLC you can find there:

Created DLC files you can distribute via Firebase storage in Ultimate Mobile Kit plugin.

Skimming over the docs I see that I would have to make a “DLC level”, which would include all the content I want to be included into DLC. I am guessing I’d have to have BP code to perform a check for that level to be present or something of that nature to unlock access to DLC content for player. Is that correct ?

Also, it looks like the approach described in the docs is for main content and not actual paid DLC. In other works, it’s to make game “fit” requirements of the app store where initial download happens through the app store, and the rest of the data gets downloaded automatically from the cloud.

How would that work for paid DLC content, where user purchases DLC separately from the main game ?

Hey motorsep did you figure out how to achieve the above?

Nope, unfortunately did not.