How to set up an animation to be controlled by a variable

I personally think that there is a very easy solution, but i cant work it out. I have a steering animation that is going from full left to full right. And i would like to control the frame that is showing from the wheel steer angle variable.

Thanks for any reply’s!

Hey there, blend spaces should do the trick.

I tried that, but i have 900 wheel rotation, and blend spaces follow the straight line so hands go trough the steering wheel.

If that happens then you probably need more intermediate animations to avoid that.

Yea i know, but then i would need to have like 10 animations instead of using only 1, and i know that this is possible to do because i saw it somewhere, but i cant find where.

They would be 10 one frame animations, so just poses, so it’s not that big of a deal. Other than thatI don’t know of any way to control what frame you are in an animation. The only “horrible” way i see is to create an animmontage with 900 sections and you could choose which one to play.

I know that it is doable like that, but i will try to find my way, if i don’t find it, i will do that. Thanks by the way