How to set up a top down scroll-er?

I see that UE4 has a side scroll-er build but I want to make a game with a top down set up kind of like what Galaga or Ikaruga did for its games but I do not know how to set that up and are having difficulties find the info to make this possible.

  • Place camera actor on top
  • Considering oyu will need to control that camera, you might want to make your own actor with camera component or extend camera actor insted. Camera actor is empty actor with camera component, thats all it is.
  • On beginning of the game set view target to that camera actor. Set view target by default picks camera component in actor and use it as camera, this behavior can be changed by overriding CalcCamera function of actor in C++. Also keep in mind possessing of new actor by player controller by default switch target view to that actor, so you need to watch out.
  • Move camera so it follows player in correct and desired way