How to set up a skeleton for non-uniform-scale animations?


Do you need a special set up for a skeleton to support non-uniform-scale animations? Currently in order to get the animations without issue into UE4 we need to double every bone so that there is a bone each for translation and rotation and another one that is parented to this one that has scale keys.

If we don’t double the bones and have translation, rotation and scale keys on the bones there are some issues like flipping bones. The issues are gone if we check to “preserve local transform” option when importing animations but then the animations look different - so this is no solution.


Do you have this problem until now?


We found a workaround:

Before export we remove the scale keys of every bone which is not the last leaf in the hierarchy. By doing that we sacrifice squashing of some bones but we avoid issues like flipping bones.

Still it would be great if we could keep all scale keys.