How to set up a multiple weapons system with BP Structure?

So what I need is: My game has weapons to be looted, when the player loots a weapon, it needs to set the child actor BP in the Character BP for the Character to hold the weapon and set the current weapon. I got that working, as you can see on my screenshot.

What I can’t seem to understand how to make it work is: When I attack, it needs to check which is my current weapon, and depending on which weapon is equipped, it needs to fire an event that is inside the current weapon’s blueprint, doing its damage, playing the right animation, etc.
I should use BP Structure for that, right? But how can I do it? I’ve been trying it for the longest, and also tried using an Enumerator and Switch on ENUM, but I couldn’t set the ENUM value when I picked up the weapon.

Someone please help me :frowning:

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