How to set up a dynamic material instance from a text render component?

How do I get a dynamic material instance for a text render? If I hook up the create dynamic material instance node, the material did not longer work / the text is no longer shown right.

Here is what is happening:


The material for the Text Render needs to be set up in a specific way in order to work with fonts. If you’re unsure how to do this on your own, try this instead:

  • make a copy of the original material
  • add your own fluff
  • create and assign a dynamic material instance using the abovementioned copy as the parent

Thanks for the idea. But sadly that is how I have set it up and it did not work.
I copied the “DefaultTextMaterialOpaque” Material and just add an emissive parameter to control the emissive through the dynamic material instance

After some testing I found that you are right but something is wrong with my font because after assigning the dynamic material, the font did not longer find the right letter within the font. Before assigning or creating the dynamic material it works fine

I think it’s using distance field fonts, consider looking into that.

Struggling with this issue myself, when I make a text render component and use a dynamic material instance it messes up the letters in the font. I couldn’t quite understand how to implement Everynone’s solution successfully, any advice would be much appreciated!