How to set trigger to work with player only?

How do you set a trigger to work only when the player uses it?

Which nodes are needed and how are they wired up from the “On actor begin overlap” node?

Off of the overlap node, pull a wire out from the actor pin and type equals into the menu that pops up. On the other input to the equals, get the player character and hook it in. From there, place a branch and put the equals bool into it. If the overlapped actor equals the player character is true, it will execute the true side of the branch, if not, the false side.

You need to cast to the actor you want the overlap to recognize. So cast to your actor and from the “overlapping actor” (might be called object) plug into your actor cast. You can also set up a branch from the overlap node, make it be an “equal object” or “equal string” to branch. So it only passes if the objects are equal.

You don’t need to do all the casting for the player character, there is a node for the player character that saves you from having to do that. For other actors, yeah, you’ll need to cast.

Oh nice is it the “Get Player Character” ? I guess you could just do an equal from the over lap to that didn’t think of that. Secondary question, generally speaking is casting something to avoid when possible? Is it more computationally intensive then other methods? I know “Get All Actors Of Class” shouldn’t be ran through a tick for example.

I used the “==” method works a treat thanks guys!