How to set the value of inventoryReference variable

Hello Sertac Ogan,

I don’t want to change the value of the struct. I want to pass the value of my BP_Inventory to the inventoryReference variable, so I can call the RemoveFromEquipment and RefreshEquipment Functions. But I don’t know how to do that.

I tried putting the “Init” custom event to the BP_Inventory eventBeginPlay but it didn’t work, it says it still says accessNone.

In my EquipmentSlot widget, whenever I click the button I want It to be empty and the item will move back to the inventory. But my problem is, I don’t know where to call the Init custom event to set the value of InventoryReference.

Hello Mark,

Chanhing the struct’s value can be problem. You should use “Set Members in …” node to change it’s value.


Hello Mark,

Can you use “Get All Widget” node for reference?