How to set the value of an Enumerator?

Possibly a stupid question but I’m hoping to create a public Enumerator for “Object Size” for my game where the size of the object correlates to a specific Float Value. So my Enumerator is “Tiny, Small, Medium, Large and Huge” and when placing the object in the level, you can choose from a drop down list to specify the size and get a different result based on this.

The problem I’m having is that I don’t know how to set the value of these Enums. If I want Tiny to equal 0.5 and Small to equal 1.0 and Medium to equal 10 etc. how do you do set this in the blueprint? I figured you’d be able to set the value of the Enums inside the enumerator itself but you can’t.

Maybe using Enums isn’t the best way to achieve what I want?

Switch on %Name Of Enumerator would do the trick

you can switch on string or integer.

Also there are Select node, which work with a lot of stuff

As wildcard, you can use integer, enumeration or bool, as for selectable variable might be everything, from actor and actor arrays to structures, enumerations and arrays their arrays.

To change selectable type or what type you base of your selection, you need to drag wire from variable to the node. For Array select is tricky, little bit, you need to connect your variable type to option [before][4] return.

Thanks for the info CriErr. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet as I’ve moved on to working on models for the time being but I’ll definitely give it a try in the next few days. So if I understand you correctly, what I would do is Set the Enumerator, then drag from the wire out and type switch on int and then enter a value for every option inside my enumerator? I’d imagine that I would do this from Event Begin Play? Seems strange to me that you can’t specify a specific data type inside the Enumerator itself and set the values there. That way they’d be a more reusable piece of data on their own.

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There same for int, string, and other stuff.