How to set the start point of the player?

I am new to ue4, i am doing a project on architectural viz using the first person shooter starter content.I created everything and everything went well except when i click “play” the actor starts somewhere in the scene. So should i change anything in the blueprints to make the actor start at a specific place when i hit the “play” button?

If you look at what the starter map has in it, you will see an actor called player start :slight_smile:

And after you add the player start make sure you click “build” and then “build paths”. Or build everything if you added anything to build lighting as well. If you don’t build the path it won’t recognize where you placed the start.

Are you sure? I have never done the build in my life of using UE4, it always seems to recognize it for me.

Really? I remember always having to do it with UDK so I always did it in UE4 to be safe. But if you haven’t had the need to do it guess they changed that.

Whoa thanks man.That really worked!!

it’s useless to build…i never builded and it works the same