How to set the speed of an AI to a target point

Hi UE4 community,

I tried for an hour to find the solution but I don’t understand. I can’t reduce the speed of my AI bot to my target point.
In my BP, after 2 seconds I tell him to go at this speed (this allows me to change my animation from idle to walking) but my AI character moves too fast. If I put my animation to walk on speed “25” it does not change anything.

My Blueprint :

Your help would really be appreciated!

Hi. I think you’re setting Speed variable that control your Animation Playback Speed inside Animation BP. If you aren’t using RootMotion this will not have any effect. RootMotionAnimation will drive capsule and determine character movement while InPlaceAnimation is only a layer on top of capsule movement. If you use InPlaceAnimation with AI - it allows you to move capsule without sync to animation. To change your character speed change MaxWalkingSpeed from CharacterMovementComponent inside Character BP.

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Thank mate !