How to set the health and stamina of the player during the game?


My question is how do you change the health and stamina of the player pawn during the game (so I can use my own damage system). Is this also possible with experience points?

Thank you in advance, if you know the answer.

Anyone knows how to do it. I know there was a variable called "HealthPercentage, but now I can’t find it.

Hi Finntastic,

You can find the Get health Percentage on the character blueprint (

Not sure about modifying the health & stamina but we should now have access to the PrimalStatus component of the pawn now and modify stats there.

Thank you, I found it, but is it also possible to set ‘Health Percentage’?

Tried to find a way but seems we cannot edit status values at the moment (Health,Stamina,…), only setting maximum values of stats are possible at the moment.

i thought the new ark dev update gave us MOAR POWAH or something lol. all exposed variables blah blah…

hahaha i wish pretty much the same till they actually release docs or unlock graphs alot can be seen but nothing can be done with it and even more just cannot even be touched or made

The “Graphs” are unlocked. Where you are experiencing “roadblocks” is that much of the game is coded in c++, and no where have they said c++ is open.

To do what you are wanting to do, you would need to edit the actual character and override the base health percentage. If you were doing a mod instead of a TC, then you would just need to create a child of the player pawn and edit that.

Unfortunately a lot of the functionality still just does not exist in the editor, such as modifying stamina at run time.