how to set the dino's attack power, blood capacity and other values

In the production of dino, how to set the dino’s attack power, blood capacity and other values ?Is there a reference document?

no i could make a video tutorial though if you wanted

Please Do. Your tutorials are great, full of information and stick to the point. None of that over the top “hey look at me” babble that makes up the first 10 minutes of most youtube videos. More please.

I don’t have that style in my tutorials cuz its not needed people watch tutorials to learn you want funny watch a funny cat video. Thank you for being supportive. just need to know exactly what you need to know for this tut. like what do you mean by blood capacity ect.

Thank you for sharing, you are my teacher, thank you very much!

are u just wanting to learn how to set new attacks change dino stats ect

After my analysis, I found this kind of data seems to be written in DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP_XXX inside, I am currently analyzing the blueprint

the component tab will only affect the stats of ur dino if you want to change values of attack its in default tab

For example, if I want to change the ability of the dragon with Dudu Bird, is modified by DinoCharacterStatusComponent_BP_XXX component?

that wont change much if u just change the character status u need to revamp the whole thing. like what do u want ur example dino to do

I already know how to set the blood, but how to set the basis for attack power? For example, the basic attack power of the dodo is lower than Tyrannosaurus rex basic attack power, how is this set?

melee damage amount in default tab

Okay, I’ll try and thank you very much for your help!

your welcome

What do you mean by Blood? Are you referring to the Dino base Health or is there something else?

In addition to the blood there are other properties, such as endurance, oxygen and so on

I still don’t understand, are you referring to the DinoCharacterStatusComponent? Like this

Yes, that is him! I’m sorry, I can not speak English. I’m sorry

Thats ok, you are doing great with your English, you have nothing to be sorry for :slight_smile: I for example can only speak one language, so you are ahead of me on that score :slight_smile:

So when you say Blood do you mean the first line, the health line in the image?

Yes, that is the first line. More detailed settings I’m working on, for example: