How to set the default value of string

Hello! So I’m trying to permanently set the default value of a string or text. My problem is that I have two different bp widgets and in one of them you write down a server name, and in the other bp widget, I want to set the default value of a string into what was written down in the first widget. I want to do this because I want to then bind a text with what the string was equal to.

The problem is that it doesn’t set the default value permanently, so when I print it out it works, however, when I bind the text to the string is just shows the default value of the string. Here are some pictures. Thanks for any help!!

The first pic is where they write down the server name. When they click host the string that was set to the server name will be printed out. The second picture is the lobby UI, this is where I bound the text box to the string, however, it just shows the default. The third and fourth pictures are the blueprints of the binding and the setting of the string.

If you put the variable in the game instance, one widget can write to it and the other can bind to it.

Tell me if you need more info.

Thank you so much!! So I would from my game instance cast to where I have the variable and then take The variable and store it as a variable in the game instance and then cast to the game instance from where I want to take out the variable(where I want to bind it)?

Nearly. The variable actually LIVES in the game instance, not anywhere else. Then you always know where it is.