How to set the collision of a skeletal mesh?

Hi everybody,

I am a beginner and I dont know how to set the collision of a skeletal mesh. I have already assigned a physics asset to it, but seems this doesnt work.
New Bitmap Image.BMP (358 KB)

Anybody know how to make it? Thanks!

for the most part your physics asset is used for running physics down the body like Ragdoll simulations…Collision is going to be handled by a Capsule around your player attached to the Root…Games Cheat whenever possible and this runs way faster…you may be able to search for some per poly collision or something along those lines but the vast majority of the best games in the industry made amazing games with cheating and using capsules so very likely you won’t need exact collision either…

Actually I am doing some researches using UE4, so the capsule collision may not be enough for me:(
You have my thanks!