How to set the camera angle after running the game in version 4.23?

I want the camera to be fixed. After the game is running, I look at the camera perspective.
The following figure shows the practice of version 4.26, but “set view target with blend” not found in version 4.23

set view target with blend

It’s a very old node. It’s been there waaaay before 4.23. How are you searching for it?

We need version 4.23 to develop HTML5 games. I can’t find"set view target with blend" in version 4.23.

Is there any other method or node that can do this?

Drag a wire from the player controller first as shown above.

Nodes are Context Sensitive. You have it enabled in the upper right corner. Alternatively, disable it → you will see all nodes, unfiltered by the context. Not recommended if you’re new to the engine, though.

Generally speaking, avoid plopping nodes down on their own. Always use a wire first. Saves you time and frustration.

Image from Gyazo

ok, thank you very much!