How to set the Aim Offset with the Animation Starter pack?

The animation starter pack includes two animations: Aim_Space_Hip and Aim_Space_Ironsights. I was wondering how are these animations suposed to be used for the aimspace?

Did you find answer?

No, it seems you need to export the animations and re import them as poses to make the blendspace. If you find a better solution please let me know.

Hi Bariudol,
you can cut out 1 frame animations from the aim anim sequences from the example, change their Additive Anim Type to Mesh space and use them to create your own Aim Offset asset.


Hello Eckhard! Thanks a lot for your answer, I’m quite new to this hole animation thing. Would you mind elaborating more on the process to achieve that? can cutting the frames be done in editor? if so, how? Again, thanks a lot!

EDIT: Nevermind, i got it. Inside the editor you can record the current frame of the animation into a new one to use as a pose for the aimoffset.

Hello! I see at every 10. frame, there is a different aim pose. So how did you cut it to make the poses?

Its quite simple, just go to the frame you want to crop, and then go to asset/record to new animation, that will save the frame to a new animation that you can use as a pose for the blend space.

I know this thread is a little old, but here’s the tutorial I found:

Creating Aim Offset Doc