How to set session name?

Hi :smiley:

I just can’t seem to find answer to this.“How do you set the session name using blueprints?” I found documentation on c++ but I am kinda scared to use c++ for multiplayer. Are they hiding the fact that it can’t get changed using blueprints?

Hi RagingGummyBear,

Currently you can’t get access to changing the session name through blueprints. What you can do and what I do is to derive 2 new c++ classes:

1)YourProjectGameInstance derived from GameInstance

2)YourProjectGameSession derived from Game Session

From there you can create your Blueprint versions to use inside of the editor. Expose the functions you need for advanced session handling which you can’t from the generic blueprint proxies provided.


You will need to override your DefaultEngine.ini to use the new YourProjectGameInstanceBluePrint

Hope that helps. If you need references, the Shooter Game is great for looking at advanced setups.

RagingGummyBear did you get a fix for this ? On mine its a long line of random letters and numbers