How to set scale of hierarchy of objects correctly

I have an hierarchy of objects (mixture of Scene and Static Mesh Components) in a Blueprint. It’s basically a system for generating radial arrangements of objects. The hierarchy is something like this:


So in this case, each Rotator is rotated a multiple of 120 degrees (360 / 3), and then the object is pushed out along relative Z to displace it from the centre. This gives me a radial arrangement of the three Objects.

However, I then want to be able to scale and distort the resultant arrangement as one unit. But when I try to do this with either Relative or Absolute Scale 3D on the Root object, it scales things individually. The best way to demonstrate this is to show it:

On the top row is what happens when altering the scale in Unreal. On the bottom row is what happens when doing this same thing with a similar arrangement in a DCC (in this case, MODO). As you can see, it’s like it treats the collection of objects as a single unit and scales it. In Unreal, it reaches down into all its child components and scales their individual transforms, which gives a strange result.

How can I affect the scale of this arrangement of objects in Unreal in the same way as it works in a 3D app?