How to set rotation at a spline point? - URGENT

Yes, there is no such node in blueprint. The person in the link was using a C++ project and wrote his own node, the code is there.

Even I am ready to keep c++ code but I don’t know how to keep that in my project can you please explain to me I have to submit it


There is a node to get rotation at spline point but no node to set rotation at spline point can anyone say me how to set.

Edit: Somewhere around I got this link :

But not understanding where to paste this code. I am not that much into coding

Thanks in advance

You need to have a C++ project, I’m thinking your is probably blueprint.

I think it is possible to convert your project, but you also need to use Visual Studio and recompile everything. It’s a lot of work for one node.

There might be a different way of doing things…

I created a new c++ actor class and opened .sln file in project with visual studio

Then this shows you how to make a BP callable node. This is where you put the code:

Thanks for the link, @ClockworkOcean