How to set position of my character when i enter the car

.Hi everyone.I’m stuck with this problem:

-if my is in this position

, everyhwhere on the map , but in that position , my character will attach ok , i mean it will stay in the driver chair

. But if i drive the car , and go anywhere on the map , but in any position , my driver will be attached in other position , and in other rotation.

,and i don’t know why.How can I follow the rotation car(or world rotation,i don’t know ).What should i do to attach my character in normal position , even if i go on a mountain with that car ,or everywhere?

This is my blueprint , that attach my character(actor) to car(actor):


I would like to do something like in gta , where i can get in/out of car…Please help me , i’m stuck , and i need a method :smiley: Thanks

I would make the car a pawn and possess the car when you enter it and possess your character when you exit the car. It looks like (and I may be wrong) you’re having the character control the car. That’s not really how it’s supposed to work. Your controller should control the car directly.

If you just possess the car as a pawn and attach the character actor to the car you should be fine. You’re doing a lot of extra updating of position that the engine can/will do for you. If you let the engine do the updates you should be fine.