How to set player's location to match climbing point?

I am having trouble coming up with a method that involves the location of the player and the hit point of the surface to which the player is climbing onto. I noticed that when climbing, the player’s location slightly becomes offset to the original point, thus creates this floating or invisible barrier between it and the wall. I was wondering if anyone has ideas in how to prevent this from happening? Thanks

This is what I tried on implementing but it does not work as I imagined. I was basically getting the hit point location and was adjusting the location to the player

Need to subtract the capsule colliders difference for the offset as well. To prove that it is the capsule try showing collision while in play mode.

I have tried implementing what you suggested and am still not getting the results, I think I may be doing something wrong?

I have also attached an image of the collision capsule. There seems to be a small gap between the surface and the player have a look:

i think that it may be adjusting to the actors bounding box.

if you disable the collision on the character mesh, will the capsule then touch the wall?

how are you setting the actors location?

you might also consider this “close enough”, in the case that eventually you may want to setup hand and foot IK to match uneven surfaces. But you should be able to control the distance from the wall with predictability in either case.

This you get it sorted out?

I am having the same problem, found that there are post physics methods in the Character Movement component that are used for character alignment.