How to set Playback End Range?


I run into a problem:
When I use Take preset with Level sequence and record using Take Record in run-time, I get recorded sequence with playback end range equel duration of Level Sequence which I put in Take Preset.

I want to get recorded sequence only in recording range time.

For example:

  1. I have Take preset with Level sequence and this Level sequence has duration equel 60 sec(And Take Preset has duration equel 60sec)
  2. I start recording via Take Recorder and stop it on 10 sec.
  3. Then the recorded sequence(which I was recording 10 sec) has Playback end range on 60sec.

I also tryed to set Playback End using blueprints but the node “Set Playback End” doesn’t work (I put it before node “Stop Recording”)
Because of that, I should change Range end in all of my recorded sequences(around 200-500 sequences) manually.

Is it possible to set Playback end ?

When Take preset doesn’t have Level Sequences, Recorded Sequence has duration equel recording duration.

you mean clicking this play button and changing the end frame value?
or right clicking the top of the timeline and clicking set end time?