how to set Pawn movement replication client authorative ?

hey, i am talking about PAWN (and not character) movement replication

there is a checkbox"Replicate movement" that we can check in the pawn replication section properties

this replicate the movement (yeah ^^) from the server to all client

but… now my client pawn cant move locally (they move a little but they are always corrected by the server!).

only the server pawn can move where he want, because he dont receive his own replicated movement :o

how can i change this so i will have have client pawn authorativ position ?

i know this was possible, reading this answer click to open

an answer was to add those line (i dont know where):


i think this is what i need to resolve my problem, but i dont know where to put those lines


i tried to put those line in DefaultGame.ini but this does nothing

server is still authorativ on client position

I think Pawns exist on the Server, and Server have authority over them.
Ownership on the other hand depends upon when Spawn the Pawn. And, if you Possess it with a PlayerController that PlayerController becomes the owner automatically.