How to set object or floor fall down when character touch?

Hi i need some one to help me i can’t think of this.How to set object or wall fall down when character touch?
For example when character jumped to a floor then the floor will fall down

You need :

  1. Collision handling for your floor (with check for player and not some other actor)
  2. SetSimulatePhysics for floor when collision / overlap happens. this will cause it to fall down.

Would you please give me picture for more understand please ?

1.Create a blueprint
2.Create an actor blueprint.
3.Add a static mesh to the blueprint.
4.Add your static mesh to the static mesh component.
5. Add an event hit node in the event graph of the blueprint.
6.Cast it to your character then drag out the static mesh component and drag of the static mesh node and search for set simulate physics to true.
7.Finally, drag out the blueprint into the world.

The rest of the images here:

Hi Thank you for helping me i have tired your blueprint after i hit play and when my character touched the floor it fall down but it’s very fast and my character’s position flip over it’s not smooth fall down like flame animation. Do you know how to fix this problem ?

If you want the floor to fall after a short time after the player touches it then you’d put a delay node right after the event hit node and connect it to the casting node. I’m not sure what you mean by your character flips over,Can you provide a picture of that?

I know this is old… but I can’t believe how difficult it is to find something so basic. How do you make it FALL? I don’t want to destroy actor, I got it to work except it just disappears, I need it to fall.

it says how to do it in one of the answers below. basically ensure that the item you want to fall is set to moveable, has gravity enabled, then set simulate physics to true.

is it caught on something?

It’s not working for me, it’s set to moveable, gravity is enabled, simulate physics set to true… it either disappears or it does nothing.

no, it’s floating in mid-air