How to set local components in Blueprint as a local array?

Is there a way to setup a local array in the blueprint with the component added inside the BP itself without doing it in Construct script?

You do the same thing, you just do it in the event graph instead of construction graph.

I’m sorry, I think you misunderstand my question.
Adding it in Event Graph makes it less efficient in my case.
The goal for me is to pre-Filled an Array Variable with the BP local components that I’ve added in the BP before hand, without having to do it in Construct Script/Event Graph.
I need this so I can use the pre-filled array immediately in the construct script/EventGraph by just doing a Get for the Array without needing to create a bunch of Add nodes in the constructscript/eventgraph.

Think of it as the Default content of the array filled with local components.

Imagine if there’s 100 local components I want to be in that array, doing that in the construct script like I’ve shown above will create quite a long list of Add to Array nodes that I would like to avoid :slight_smile:

Another alternatives I would like to know if I can do something like a for loop function to get all those local components into an array in construct script.
So far I can’t get All Arrow Component (like above example) to be inputted into the array.
Any answer will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem. How to pick local components in array default values ?
If I click on NONE, the list that pops up is empty. My array is the same type as components.


AFAIK that’s just not possible in the editor, got the same problem: