How to set inherited capsule component to overlap player on death?

How would I change the inherited capsule component on my enemy so that when he dies the capsule component will ignore the player and projectiles?

At the moment when the zombie dies his collision stops the player running through him and it stops the other zombies running through him to get to the player. I cant just destroy actor on the zombie because I want the death animation and the body to be on the floor for a little while but I do need the player to be able to run through it and projectiles to do the same.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks man, easy to understand answer and did exactly what I needed.

If you want to continue with your approach :
1-Go to project setting

2- Under Collision , create a new collision “Preset”

3-When your zombie is kill change capsule’s Collision Profile Name" to the new Collision Preset

For Optimization , here is an other solution , you can create a simple actor with a SkeletalMeshComponent with death animation (setted to play only once) , and before you destroy your zombie spaw 'Death Actor" at it last location