How to set HUD invisible

Hey guys, I’m back (sorry for you…)

Well, recently thanks to a very good man I solved a problem with the HUD. Now I have another one.
When I pickup an item, the HUD text changes with the name of the pickup so that I know what I take.

But, when I pickup an item, I want his name to appear just for a coupple of seconds. In my case, the HUD stays there forever.

This is the “ChangeText” that I call on the widget when I take a pickup

The widget is created in the FirstPersonCharacter

And this is when I pickup an item

Note that the ChangeText function is called within AddArmor

So, as you can see I have a DELAY: that’s the delay that the game must take BEFORE respawning the object/pickup.

So, with that said, how to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance!

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p.s: also, I can’t use a Delay function inside the FirstPersonCharacter, after “ChangeText”

Instead of the “Set Actor Hidden” nodes, try using a “Set Visibility” node. I think there’s also a “Toggle Visibility” node that might work as well.

what has it to do with it? the problem isn’t get the HUD invisible, but how to wait X seconds before hiding it

Problem solved → Using Timers in Blueprints - Unreal Engine