How to set / get attributes for "team" of characters?

Hey gang,

So my intention is for a player to be able to possess different characters on their “team”…with each character having a LOT of different attributes (speed, strength, jump height, etc.)

Normally what I’d do here is create a giant Excel sheet of data with the player names running vertically in the left-most column of the sheet and their attributes being listed out horizontally next to each name with a number corresponding to how good that player is at a given skill (Speed = 100, Strength = 50, etc.)…and then I’d pass that giant sheet of data off to a programmer and BAM, the magic would happen.

I want to achieve this myself using blueprints (implementing a team of characters and assigning their attributes). Is this possible? What’s the best / smartest way for me to achieve this?

Is there a way for me to PULL a lot of this data FROM an excel sheet to create the needed variables?

Create base character class with varables tha are attribuites that characters will have and ofcorse code as all characters will work the same right? then create subclasses based of the base character and then set attributes in defaults

I’m trying to achieve the same thing, and I’m doing what said, making one huge supercharacter and then i’ll go back and alter everything from there.

You’ll probably have to make your stable of characters, get them into an array somehow, and then figure out how to toggle through them from there. I haven’t figured it out yet either or I’d help. I’ve messed w/ the “possess” command but nothing really solid for toggling through a group yet.